Rewriting the planet in four easy steps.

Category\Phase Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4
Focus Obtaining Resources Experimenting with whole life solutions Skilling up technologically. Focus on health care, local services, and ecologically friendly yet excellent Taking over/improving quality of supply chain, big proactive projects
Hiring Profile Productive, enthuastic, well motivated people that are easy to work with. Otherwise average, eager and enthusiastic people willing to vote with their feet Same profile with less mobility needed, move towards support of entire familes over individuals Anybody willing to adhere to the principles (they’re basically don’t be a jerk and do something useful)
External Facing Groups Worldminers Worldminers Worldminers, Education, Health Care, Charity, Support Worldminers, Education, Health Care, Charity, Support
Population 50-5,000 people 5,000-100,000 people 10,000-5,000,000 people 20,000-all
Campuses 1 to 10 5 to 50 10 to 500 20 to gobs.
Products/Services Custom products/services. Techs tied to various advantages of corporate design Products made from things people do for fun/passion From Phase 2, plus service and support related products From Phase 3, Plus every component of the supply chain taken over
Example Products/Services Data visualization/analytics, healthcare support, machine learning, heavily customized gadgets/rooms/homes Monitor-to-projector shift technology, multimedia made from gaming experiences Wearable Holodeck Pretty much everything

Let’s give some people a few more options, because this whole worldwide birth circumstance lottery is complete bullshit.

A person’s a person, a mind is a mind. It’s not like babies are born deserving to have a crappy life. Isn’t one of the benefits of civilization supposed to be preventing that?

We know that every one of us deserves at birth the opportunity to explore the entire scope of human experience as long as we can do it while leaving the world just a little shiner than it was when we arrived. We should be given that chance as long as we’re willing to do something productive and try not to ruin anyone else’s day.

You and yours can handle the responsibility, right?

And without us, the rest of them really can’t really make a mess that we can’t clean up if we set our minds to it.

So let’s fix it. Let’s rewrite the system for the other 99%

Because that 1% you’re all worried about? They finally gave us the exploits we need. All we need to do is use the overpowered tools they created in some unexpected ways.

So..where to start?

I suppose first it helps to define who ‘we’ are, because we’re a kind of varied lot, aren’t we? Who is the we who this is for? It’s for everyone in the end but I think, at it’s core, it mostly involves a pretty common type of person, one that I think almost all of us can be.

It’s kind of unfair to focus on who we were, because let’s face it…we’re all broken toys to one degree or another. You don’t live in a world where we have war and poverty are ‘okay’ and not get broken in a few ways, do you? (Yes, I know this means we have to invite that 1% to play too as long as they can play nice.)

So let’s define us by who we would be if given a chance, and by who we want to listen to, to respect, and to protect more than anyone else. Define us by the people we’d gladly put in charge if given half the chance.

Rewriting the planet and taking our lives back in 4 easy steps.

We are Kaylee and Wash, we are John Watson, we are Groot.

That’s a lot of us, right? A lot of us could life happily trying to become somebody like that.

And that’s almost all of the children, if we’d give them half the chance.

Problem is, we’re not the revolutionaries. We need a way to do this that supports us, protects us, and takes care of us, right? We need a way to just …take a step to the left, and transition into a completely different life.

We need to make saving the world easier than ruining it, right?

Luckily, we’ve got a big ‘ol exploit just waiting to be used in unintended ways. This is going to be fun.

That exploit is the last thing you’d expect it to be…the abusively powerful multinational corporation.

A corporation doesn’t have to just be a job. A campus can be a city where we don’t have to let all the asshats in by default.

And not every campus has to be the same.

Let that percolate a bit. There’s a whole bunch of us with a whole bunch of different ideas of what’s important and whats fun and we change a lot over the course of our lives. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just choose between a whole bunch of options with different voting systems, lifestyles, social settings, infrastructures, and so on? And if there wasn’t one that worked for us but we could get enough people together we could make one of our own? [an example or two might be neat here, like cosplay island]

Because that’s what we can do.

We just have to design the framework right, we have to design the system to get the best out of us.

So, here’s my stab at it. It’s probably not the only way or the best way, but I’m pretty sure it gets us where we need to be. Once its in motion I’m sure it changes into something much cooler since we’ll have a whole bunch more minds and ideas added to the mix.

Here we have: Awesome, Incorporated

Rewriting the planet and taking our lives back in 4 easy steps.

Phase 1: Worldminers

This is a task that’s best undertaken with a certain amount of flair. Sure, in the end we’ll be spilling over benefits to everyone but we’ll be starting off with a core group who is specifically in it to blow people’s minds, because we’ve got the system that gets the most out of them. This is the cash cow we use to make their boring economies irrelevant.

So right out of the gates we’re going to start with the people who are dying to be set free and those who love them and enable them.

And we’re going to spoil them, of course. Not just at work, but 24/7. We’re not going to set up a fancy office complex and then leave them to deal with downtown traffic, crap housing, inner city crime. We’re going to let them create entire mini-cities for themselves, so any of them can choose to be surrounded by awesome people as far as the eye can see.

Because that’s another big key at this point. Not just principled hiring, but awesome hiring. No jerks. Zero. None. They’re a net negative and we don’t want awesome people to deal with jerks unless they really want to. We get more done with good motivation and enthusiasm (and science!) We’re going to resemble Mondragon, Valve, and Google than we are Comcast or Walmart

Rewriting the planet and taking our lives back in 4 easy steps.

This first wave of people will be a bit of a special breed: mobile, enthusiastic, contagious, lively, exceedingly competent. We all know a few of them, right?

And they’re going after the big bucks. They’re going to be treating the economy like a game and finding ways to do amazing things for absurdly wealthy people for gobs of money and they’ll be able to do things that nobody else can do. We’re going to enable them as much as possible.

Phase 2: Peoplespheres

So, that’s all fine and dandy, we’re making lots of money…but all we’ve got to buy with it is the crap that’s made under the existing processes…and if you work somewhere where more than a tiny fraction of the man hours are spent on anything that anybody particularly needs done then you’re in a rare place.

Meanwhile, where are we going to go and who are we going to hang out with? The world’s kind of assholey right now, y’know? (yes, we’ll have a lot of reformed assholes, taking the brown as it were)

So let’s start creating better things, and better places to be and things to do and lives to live.

After all, the best creations are those created with love, and we have a huge win/win/win in productivity/quality/happiness (awesome^3?) if we can support people doing things they love if there’s any demand to what they do at all. Meanwhile, being supported by doing a task you love is amazingly rewarding and that leaves a lot of people will otherwise be healthy and happy (and less expensive!), that leaves us the ability to spill over rewards to people who aren’t doing things they love (we might need more janitors) or doing terribly difficult, traumatic things (I sure as heck couldn’t be an ER nurse!) so they can be the people who get first dibs on nifty benefits.

Rewriting the planet and taking our lives back in 4 easy steps.

At this stage what we’re doing is running a lot of experiments, creating environments for people that will trending healthier, happier, and more productive. To do so we’re going to need some nomads, because every quarter we’re going to be letting people vote with their feet, on everything. We’re still otherwise looking at enthusiastic and well motivated people and getting them into situations that work well for them and the hiring criteria is otherwise the same.

You only need 42 people to create a new idea, and an idea can be an economic system, a voting system, a task, a product, it could be anything. A person can be part of more than one idea in different parts of their lives. We want people to start exploring options in a safe and risk free way. We want to start finding out what ideas appeal to people the most so we can start building cities around them, so the infrastructure, the norms, and all the rest tie together. The more cohesive the better, but all that really matters is everyone gets along and the group generally does something useful.

The most popular ideas will get big, the awful ones (presumably like most of our current systems) will quickly end up ceasing to exist or just lingering in tiny pockets.

Phase 3: a rEvolution while saving the planet

It’s a long, cold journey to anywhere else, after all.

So how do we hire as many people as possible on the planet while using as few resources as possible?

Obviously we’ll be doing a lot of blatant social engineering (everything defaults to the greater good because that’s what works, and every time you ‘game’ the system you give a tiny bit more than you get back for example), but we’ll need to do a lot more of that if we want everyone on the planet to live better than a millionaire while helping the environment.

We’ll also be creating a new role, the scribes. These are people who travel from peoplesphere to peoplesphere in order to share ideas, stories, and function as a sort of HR/management/ombudsman that’s held to an exceedingly high standard with a secondary role of stirring things up by being a generally diverse lot.

In this stage we’ll be trying to spread enthusiastically into the third world because they have potentially awesome brains too, so we’ll be focusing on services, products, and technologies that keep us from blowing up the planet and start undoing the damage that we’ve been doing.

One of our keys will be The wearable holodeck, until something better comes along, of course.

But the wearable holodeck is pretty nifty. You’ll like it. It is a combination of lowish tech haptics and optical VR to provide some tremendous productivity (and fun!) improvements as well as a near-elimination of the need for disposable things. You could also ‘experience’ things like this…

Phase 4: Gobble up the supply chain and do awesome things.

One of our big tasks here will be to replace as many aspects of our supply chain with superior and less expensive overall products, we can also sell them externally but the big key here is to make existing dollars/yen/euros/etc. as irrelevant to us as possible. Our Worldminers still gobble up resources, of course, but we’d rather try our own currencies and economies.

This is also where we run up the skill tree while doing genuinely big and useful things. We’re going to want to be dedicating a lot of resources to research in directions that helps us hack our DNA, properly manage/minimize the damage of climate change, energy, and so on while pursuing big projects like the Tall Tower

At this point, we’ll also be wanting to find groups of people who genuinely want to do great things for the people who didn’t join to find out if they’ve got any other nifty ideas (for all we know somebody in some random corner of the planet has some really amazing idea or one that just needs some idea we know about to work, and either is a good thing.). We’ll also always wanting to invite people to join, but only as is polite and invited. We want people to choose to join us, not the other way around.

We’ll want people who are totally cool with getting told to shove off but will be able to sincerely talk to people who didn’t join if they have any ideas on how to make places for them inside. Worst case scenario maybe we can help each other out in some other way.

Because once we start this, there should only be two types of people in this world. Those who join us, and those we’re amazingly nice to. Even if you have no interest in being part of who we are or what we do, the moment we find out a way to save a child’s life or cure a disease in somebody you love then you’ll know too. And you’ll get whatever pharma and support we have at cost or less. That’s firm.

No more us and them. Just people. We’re going to be completely overpowered and almost absurdly kind by today’s standards.

Going Foreward: Hack the hack

Sure, we CAN start at step one.

But do we have to?

Is there somebody who is lucky enough to have enough resources to help us speed through the process like Mr. Gates or Mr. Musk by functioning as pure sponsors? Are there nations that would host us in exchange for the benefits we can provide? Heck, how about the Koch brothers? Can we really fault them for being really good at the one game we were all allowed to play? They’re not just about one thing, and they’re broken toys like us, too.

Are there people reading this with influence or knowledge or even an ability to sling a phrase or make people think in a way I cant? Are there ideas that are even better that you just needed an engine to create that somebody just found the missing piece for?

I’m pretty sure we’re on to something here…and last time I looked most of us weren’t particularly happy with our options.

Ideas? Because I’m pretty sure there’s a three year old in Sudan who will figure out how to hack our DNA so we can drink salt water and make it tasty, so I really want to get this going as soon as possible before he dies of pneumonia.

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