Doctor Who and the Rightly Broken Rule

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Here we use our favorite time-travelling optimist to demonstrate how to change the world for the better, not by thinking big, but by thinking small. . . and where we win by not needing or caring to fight anything.

I chose to use the good Doctor for a number of reasons, foremost of which was because I discovered that some degree of time-travel was required to both describe how to do this and also illustrate how it could work, and who better to use as a literary mechanism in that respect?

Also, I am admittedly a fan . . . not as much as some but I do enjoy the shows quite a bit.

If you’re not a fan, it still works fine as a Stand-alone (I’ll add a primer for the characters for you after I finish), and if you want to know why so many others love him then I invite you to read Mr. Gladstone’s short and entertaining ‘How Doctor Who Became My Religion


CHAPTER ONE: Earth 2.0

CHAPTER TWO: Here and Now

CHAPTER THREE: The Rightly Broken Rule

CHAPTER FOUR: Bringing Back the Future

CHAPTER FIVE: Introspection

CHAPTER SIX: Captain Jack

CHAPTER SEVEN: When Teddy Bears Attack




We walk through the creation of a co-opernation, starting small but working up to campuses and cities until it’s an option for everyone who wants to join.

Griff steals the show, but we also have Vastra on forgiveness, Craig on people who help people, Paul Romer on charter cities, Jack on exploiting rules, Kaylee on sustainability, and more!

After that we have a demonstration of the Wearable Holodeck in a very entertaining way and then the big finish]

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