Chapter Two: Here and Now

JEN: [Shouting] Smoke! Everybody out!

THE DOCTOR: [Struggling with the console and beginning to cough] Yes. . . out would be good!

[The group quickly exits the TARDIS, and crashes to the ground in a suburban neighborhood, with the TARDIS hovering several feet above]

CLARA: Where’s Jen?

[A figure can be vaguely seen in the smoke billowing out of the TARDIS]

JEN: [from the figure] Clara! Doctor! How do I fix this thing?

CLARA: Jen! Get out of there!

GRIFF: She’s fine. Gas can’t get her, she knows when to jump.

THE DOCTOR: Well now, isn’t that something?

[The vaguely humanoid shape is revealed to be what is apparently a suit made of Jen’s Teddy Bears]

CLARA: Yes. That would be something all right. Definitely that.

JEN: [From the bears] Guys! A little help? [Pausing] Also, Where are we?

GRIFF: [Working with invisible objects again] I . . . no idea, I. . . what’s going on?

JEN: No mesh. No sensors. I can’t get a ping from any support drones and the ones I was pulling in cut off the moment the door closed. I only have until positive pressure gives out. . . two minutes.

[The Doctor begins yelling instructions to Jen]

CLARA: What’s she mean?

GRIFF: The bots always carry various compressed gas canisters. . . even the oldest ones started with compressed air so they wouldn’t accidentally suffocate anybody when they activated. They can also use that to keep gas away . . .basically. She doesn’t want to risk having something toxic on her and with only those bots she has to wait for them to run their tests, which can take way more than two minutes.

STORMY: Also, I think it’s 2014. . . or its supposed to look that way.

[Clara and Griff look over at Stormy]

STORMY: The stars. I like looking at them and happened to have a starmap blob loaded.

CLARA: [Perplexed] Blob??

STORMY: Yeah. [noticing her expression] Oh! A blob is a binary file. . . not a . . . how did you think I loaded the other blob?

CLARA: [Adorably indignantly] I have no idea what you’re talking about.

[Suddenly the Teddy-Bear-Suited Jen lands next to them, they quickly disassemble and she steps out. The herd begins fluffing their fur and by all appearances grooming each other]

GRIFF [To Stormy] is it just me or has our shy little Jen developed a flair for the dramatic.

STORMY: [Melodramatically] They grow up so fast, why I remember back when she was. .

JEN: [Interrupting with a raspberry] You’re a butt. Also, we need to get to this address [a tattoo of a map appears imprinted on her left arm]

CLARA: Why that one?

JEN: Some Owens guy and kid. TARDIS said they’d ‘be perfect’. You guys know them?

THE DOCTOR: Owens. . . Craig Owens! Delightfully perplexed man. He had the most spectacular baby and frequently absent wife!

JEN: That is exactly how I’d never describe somebody.

THE DOCTOR: By the way . . . why do you know where the Owens’ live?

JEN: I don’t . . . the TARDIS told me.

STORMY: You . . talked?

JEN: More like negotiated. She didn’t want me to ruin things, and as it happens I agree with what she’s doing.

GRIFF: It could be argued she kidnapped us and took us to. . . is it really 2014?

JEN: Yes, that’s become the most useful interpretation of events.

THE DOCTOR: [Picking up a pebble and licking it] Oh yes. It’s most definitely 2014. October I think. . . still getting a feel for these taste buds.

JEN: She left me with a message, too.

CLARA: A message?

JEN: She says she’s not coming back until you break the right rule.

THE DOCTOR: The right rule?

JEN: That’s what she said. And that you had to do it spectacularly or she might not notice.

THE DOCTOR: She did not!

JEN: I’m pretty sure she did.

CLARA: What does she mean?

THE DOCTOR: I think we’re in a lot of trouble.

[Pause for dramatic effect]

[Chapter Three: The Rightly Broken Rule]

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