Chapter Five: Introspection

[Cut to entertaining learning and preparation montage with the group with the calendar turning to the next day.]

[Jen is sitting in another room looking melancholy. Clara enters quietly]

CLARA: Hey . . . you okay?

JEN: [briefly startled] Wha. . . oh! Sorry, I was just processing something.

CLARA: Can I help at all? I can just go if you . .

JEN: No! I mean yes. To the first. I’m probably better off talking this through and I don’t want to worry Griff or Stormy.

CLARA: Is it about you guys maybe ceasing to exist?

JEN: [Smiling] Nah. I’m good there, even if it is all a little weird. If it happens it happens because we did something awesome.

CLARA: You’re pretty cavalier about the whole thing.

JEN: That’s how I was raised to be. I don’t dwell on bad things that might happen when doing something that needs to be done. . . and how many people ever get the chance to do something this useful in their lives?

CLARA: Not many, I imagine.

JEN: [Takes a deep breath] I like the Doctor’s plan. . . it’s clever, it could really work . . . but that bit with the broken illusion? It requires something subtle, and while you’ve got the tech I can’t find anything that we can assemble quickly enough to make it work. . . not with the sort of finesse we’d want to really do the idea justice [Nods to the bears, which are lounging in the corner] but they’ve got enough artificial muscle to make maybe fifty units.

CLARA: Wow. . that’s great!

JEN: It is. But you guys don’t have the tech to put them back together and I don’t know that we’ll be able to go back. [Pauses] I was a pretty introverted kid, and the little guys. . . well, they may be artificial but they’re my friends. . .and this is going to feel a lot like killing them.

CLARA: [Pouting] Oh . . . I . . .

JEN: It’s okay, I just needed to process it a little. I’ll be fine.  I’ve already talked with them and they’ve made their decision too, and I can’t respect them if I don’t respect their decisions, right?

CLARA: I guess not.

JEN: So, back to business, you’ve got everything else and then some. Most of what we need is accessible locally. There’s just one bit we need in this America place [points to computer screen]

CLARA: Yeah, I think we might need a bit of help on this one.


[Chapter Six: Captain Jack]

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