Chapter Six: Captain Jack

[Cut to group assembled in the living room.]

THE DOCTOR: I suppose you all are wondering why we’re here.

STRAX: We get to blow things up?

THE DOCTOR: That is . . no. Why would we do that again?

STRAX: Why would we not?

[A knock is heard at the door]

CRAIG: [Sighing] And that would be?

[The door opens and an excessively handsome man enters]

EXCESSIVELY HANDSOME MAN: Jack Harkness, at your service.

THE DOCTOR: Him, actually.

JACK: [To the group] Clara! Strax! Where’s the Doctor?

[Everyone points to the Doctor]

STRAX: He has a new head this time.

JACK: [Sizing the Doctor up] Again? You look . . .

THE DOCTOR: Different, yes. That’s how regenerations work.

JACK: Kind of a lottery, eh? So, why am I here? I’m kind of used to you coming to visit me.

CLARA: He lost the TARDIS.

JACK: You lost the . . .

THE DOCTOR: It’s complicated. So how are you with American military bases?

JACK: [Grinning] I’ve got some . . . connections. Why?

JEN: [Bringing laptop up to Jack] We want these. Hopefully within four days.

CLARA: Four days?

JEN: Stormy?

STORMY: I’m going to be the one putting these things together, but I’m not going to be able to assemble fifty of these things overnight. I might not need that long, but that reduces the variables.

JACK: [Looking at laptop] Yeah, that’s a black R&D site, they’ve been really protective about them lately. They’re not going to give anything away. [to Jen] How did you even find out about that?

JEN: I’m kind of amazing, and this tech is pretty primitive. If I missed anything it’s offline, so we can’t count on it existing.

GRIFF: [Sardonically] She’s also humble sometimes.

JEN: Occasionally. But this is really important and I don’t want to screw it up with substandard parts or something  good that we can’t easily assemble in time. I don’t like it, but this is the best option by a large margin.

JACK: Well then . . . let’s see what we can do. I’ll put in a couple of calls. Until then let’s assume that even I don’t have enough charm to get us in there.

CLARA: [Mimicking Griff] He’s also humble sometimes.

JACK: Rarely.

[Jack fiddles with the laptop]

JACK: Where’s whatever it is you need?

[Jen clicks a couple of buttons and the a red dot appears, several stories underground at the end of a maze of tunnels.]

JACK: Of course it is. We’re going to need a lot of manpower to get through this.

STORMY: Unless. . .

GRIFF: What’re you thinking, Stormy?

STORMY: You guys are only looking at that one facility, but what’s nearby?

[Jen begins excitedly typing on the laptop]

JACK: Well there we go!

[Jen points to what appears to be an old subway tunnel of some sort, passing close to one of the lower chambers in the facility]

JEN: That bypasses almost everything . . . but we’d need some explosives or tunneling equipment to get through . . . wow, that’s like thirty meters.

[Jack looks over at Strax, who is grinning broadly]

STRAX: I have JUST the thing!


[Chapter Seven: When Teddy Bears Attack]

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