Chapter Eight: Plannage

[The group has returned to Craig’s and all exept for Strax and Jen are sitting in the living room discussing matters]

[Strax enters from inside the house]

STORMY: How is she?

STRAX: What?  Oh!  She’ll be fine, but I’m afraid she won’t be good for any fighting for a couple of weeks.

GRIFF: I think she’ll be okay with that.  What’s the verdict?

STRAX: No major internal damage that I can’t handle.  She will however be unable to walk for at least a couple of weeks.  She’s suffered some ligament damage and every time she moves her augments damage them further.  She’s also a very bad patient and refuses to stay down, so I’ll keep her under sedation until she heals.

STORMY: For a couple of weeks?

STRAX: If she continues to keep trying to get up,  yes.  She’s a good warrior for such a tiny creature and I won’t risk her becoming further damaged.  She already has said goodbye to her little warrior babies.  Bear babies.  Bears.  She says to save their marbles.

THE DOCTOR: Their marbles?

STORMY: Their brains.  They’re little spheres in their upper torso.  She calls them their marbles.  If she wakes up tell her I’ll be very careful removing them.

CLARA: Well, that’s just kind of adorable.

STRAX: I will, however, be staying with her until she heals.  I have contacted Vastra and she will be assisting my absence.

STORMY: The dinosaur lady?  I can’t wait to meet her!

CRAIG: I’m going to need to get a bigger place someday, aren’t I?

THE DOCTOR: Can you?  It’d be really helpful.


CLARA: I don’t think he was serious.

THE DOCTOR: I wasn’t?

JACK: [Ending a phone call he’d started earlier that I didn’t think to mention] I’ve got good news!

CLARA: Yay!  I think.  What’s the news?

JACK: Since you’re not asking me to break into a secret military base my charm is even more useful!

STRAX: You mated with somebody, didn’t you?

JACK: What?  Maybe.  That’s not the point.  The point is that you have your TED talk.  A whole day even!

THE DOCTOR: Excellent!  Let’s plot!


[Chapter Nine: The TEDs]

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